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Steve Boynton: Bio

Steve Boynton

Imagine someone that can write songs like James Taylor and David Wilcox, play acoustic guitar like Bruce Cockburn and Al DiMeola, play electric guitar like Scott Henderson and Pat Metheny, and sing in whatever style the music calls for- and you get a glimpse into the talent of Steve Boynton.
I often find myself thinking “I know exactly what Steve Boynton is talking about- I have experienced that first hand, but I’ve never been able to articulate it”. As a lyricist, Steve is incredibly gifted when it comes to bringing to light the subtle nuances of the human experience that make life vibrant, interesting, amusing, worth living. Word pictures like: “it’s been ten years since I’ve been behind the wheel; don’t remember the view from the driver’s side, or the way a gas pedal feels…” or “I like coffee that’s black, and water that’s clear; and I don’t like music that rings in my ears…” or “if I could have turned on my heel with grace; tripped on the lights with a smile on my face; if I could have spun with the music in time; the dancing girl would be mine…”.
Equally amazing is Steve’s talent for making you pull back the lens of your life to the “big picture” perspective, with revolutionary and bold ideas like “Never take a penny for your thoughts, when you know they are worth at least a dime” or “Not California but not quite Mexico; north of the border but south of everything you know; I worked for a while counting grains of sand on the beach…”
Although Boynton could do well for himself simply being a lyricist, the scope of his talent ranges far beyond writing lyrics. Steve has a profound ability as a songwriter, guitarist and vocalist. As a guitarist, Steve has long been an in demand studio musician in various musical hotspots in the United States. A GIT graduate, Steve has rubbed shoulders with and studied with legends like Scott Henderson, Norman Brown, Paul Gilbert and Joe Diorio. Steve’s creativity, technique, tone and articulation on the guitar are of absolutely top quality, speaking relative to an international musical standard.
But Steve’s passionate artmaking pursuit has led him away from “doing sessions creating music beds to sell soap for Amway…” and into creating dynamic and original art in the folk genre. After “beating myself up for 5 years on the same 5 songs, trying to make that perfect first artistic statement”, countless side projects completed successfully, moving to Denver, CO and spreading his wings creatively, Steve is a prolific songwriter that consistently draws rave reviews from his live solo performances.
Steve says his goal as an artist is to “be really honest in my writing- honest about who I am and what I think”. This honesty draws his listeners in to a better understanding of their own lives, their own experiences, their own worlds, and makes us all more alive, which is what a great artist always does.

-Taylor Mesple