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Steve Boynton: News

OK, so I'm a little behind... - September 3, 2007

on a news update for the website. To summarize the last couple of years: Got unmarried, many months of turmoil, loads of gigs in between, a great deal of support from friends, a burning desire for a new venture so I...opened a Music Store! That's right, First String Music has been open since March 07 and it's going great. Lessons, instrument repair, recording. I like to think of it as Steve's Music Bunker, which probably would have been a better name. The recording studio is built into the lesson rooms so I'm making do with a modest amount of space. It is, nonetheless, doing a brisk business with some local songwriters and bands, and the occasional project over the internet. You can find more info about the shop at
That's all for now friends. More music coming your way. And I promise I'll do a better job of updating the site. Peace


Big Head Todd Show! - July 16, 2005

Big thanks to BHT for including me on their bill July 14th. Aside from the nutty wind storm it was a great time. Also huge thank you's to the band: Paul Potyen, Eric Barry and Ian Smith for learning the tunes in 3 days and playing so well. And, of course, thanks to all who braved the elements to support me and the band! Joy!

Reluctant Return From Kauai! - June 6, 2005

Alas, time in the islands is always too short for me. The Kauai Music Festival is a great event that I can now happily recommend to anyone with an interest in songwriting. I had a great time, got to hang out with cool, like-minded people and spent 10 days in one of the most breath taking places on earth. What could be better?

But now it's back to the summer grind. Check out my summer gig schedule and say hello if you're in Steamboat.

Headed to Kauai! Joy! - March 20, 2005

Hey friends! Just found out I'm headed to the Kauai Music Festival courtesy of Performing Songwriter, BMI and! Here's the BMI press release:

'Be Heard' Kauai Scholarship Winners Announced

Performing Songwriter magazine is proud to announce the winners of the "Be Heard" Scholarships to this year's Kauai Music Festival, being held May 26-29, 2005. Sponsored by BMI and, a website and user community focused on the business side of songwriting, the scholarships are worth over $2,000 each.

The winners of the Performing Songwriter "Be Heard" Scholarships are:

Clayton Colwell from Lenox, MA
Winning song: "Tongue Tied"

Devon Copley from Brooklyn, NY
Winning song: "Late Night Show" (co-written by Alex and Devon of the Animators)

Steve Boynton from Steamboat Springs, CO
Winning song: "The Photograph"

The official announcement of the winners took place at a BMI industry brunch held during the SXSW Conference in Austin on March 18.

Now in its third year, the Kauai Music Festival provides a unique opportunity for aspiring songwriters to learn and improve their craft under the tutelage of some of the best songwriters in the world. This multi-faceted four-day event, also sponsored by BMI, features seminar-style instruction for small groups in a variety of settings to promote the creative spirit, as well as lectures and panel discussions by hit songwriters, music publishers, entertainment attorneys, producers and other industry professionals."

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